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  1. This Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 7) analysis addresses critical challenges through three questions, backed by literature and evidence. Environmental, social, and governance concerns were discussed. A not...

    Authors: Brindha Ramasubramanian and Seeram Ramakrishna
    Citation: Sustainable Earth Reviews 2023 6:17
  2. The article discusses the intricate relationships between land cover and land use change on the one hand and climate on the other. It explores the current state of the climate change debate and submits that ev...

    Authors: Yakubu Aliyu Bununu, Ashiru Bello and Adamu Ahmed
    Citation: Sustainable Earth Reviews 2023 6:16
  3. Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) and System Dynamic Models (SDMs) are starting to incorporate representations of the impact of environmental changes on health and socio-economic development into their model...

    Authors: Eartha Weber, George Downward, Maria G. M. Pinho and Detlef P. Van Vuuren
    Citation: Sustainable Earth Reviews 2023 6:15
  4. The international development community has approached SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) through the lens of specific supply chains of consumer goods and services. For example, minerals from mine...

    Authors: Manan Sarupria, Naznin Nahar Sultana and Saleem H. Ali
    Citation: Sustainable Earth Reviews 2023 6:14
  5. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 envisions a future where everyone has access to clean water and sanitation. Yet, as 2030 looms closer, the complexity of achieving this target becomes apparent, with issues...

    Authors: Jaivime Evaristo, Yusuf Jameel, Cecilia Tortajada, Raymond Yu Wang, James Horne, Howard Neukrug, Carlos Primo David, Angela Maria Fasnacht, Alan D. Ziegler and Asit Biswas
    Citation: Sustainable Earth Reviews 2023 6:13
  6. Tolga is a 5,200 ha sheep and cropping farm located near Kulin in Western Australia (WA). Since 2004, its production system has been a blend of conventional and alternative practices; some of these alternative...

    Authors: Bradley Plunkett, Daniel Roberts, Sudarshan Kharel, Kevin Foster, Tim Overheu and Brendon Savage
    Citation: Sustainable Earth Reviews 2023 6:12
  7. The aim of this research is to investigate various issues related to oil consumption and environmental impacts in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, in relation to population, climate change impacts...

    Authors: Hilmi S. Salem, Musa Yahaya Pudza and Yohannes Yihdego
    Citation: Sustainable Earth Reviews 2023 6:10
  8. Human movements via migrations facilitate the transport of plants and knowledge. Migrations were always present in our human history, but conflicts and environmental changes are contributing to the increase in...

    Authors: Natalia Hanazaki, Andrea Pieroni, Rafaela Helena Ludwinsky, Maiara Cristina Gonçalves, Julia Prakofjewa, Nivaldo Peroni and Renata Soukand
    Citation: Sustainable Earth Reviews 2023 6:9
  9. The article discusses the role of gastronomy in shaping a sustainable future and highlights the importance of food as a fundamental resource for sustainable development. It emphasizes the need to reevaluate fo...

    Authors: Michele Filippo Fontefrancesco
    Citation: Sustainable Earth Reviews 2023 6:7
  10. The debate surrounding entrepreneurship in the Amazon rainforest region highlights the importance of sustainable actions developed by local brands. However, limited attention has been given to entrepreneur's p...

    Authors: Luiz Diego Vidal Santos, Francisco Sandro Rodrigues Holanda, Pedro Vinícius Bertulino de Menezes, Catuxe Varjão de Santana Oliveira, Ana Paula Schervinski Villwock and Alceu Pedrotti
    Citation: Sustainable Earth Reviews 2023 6:6
  11. Climate change can have a negative impact on agricultural production and food security. Vice versa, agricultural practices themselves contribute to climate change because of land, water, and energy use and ant...

    Authors: Wendy Mercedes Rauw, Emilio Gómez Izquierdo, Olga Torres, María García Gil, Eduardo de Miguel Beascoechea, José María Rey Benayas and Luis Gomez-Raya
    Citation: Sustainable Earth Reviews 2023 6:3
  12. The hydrogen economy has been a major vision for many futurists, for over half a century, as a way to transition to a world not dependent on fossil fuels (Bockris, Science 176:1323, 1972). As with many world v...

    Authors: Jake Whitehead, Peter Newman, Jessica Whitehead and Kai Li Lim
    Citation: Sustainable Earth Reviews 2023 6:1
  13. Despite understanding the severity of the climate crisis, global action remains highly insufficient to address this challenge. Buildings are significant contributors to climate change due to their substantial ...

    Authors: Kai Reimer-Watts, Esther Abel, Simon Coulombe and Manuel Riemer
    Citation: Sustainable Earth 2022 5:2
  14. The EU “Winter Package” sets out specific energy and climate goals and urged formation of National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) by Member States for 2020 to 2030. Integrating scaled-up mitigation technolog...

    Authors: Keith Williges, Wytze Van der Gaast, Krisztina de Bruyn-Szendrei, Andreas Tuerk and Gabriel Bachner
    Citation: Sustainable Earth 2022 5:1
  15. Progress towards the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in many ways presupposes the utilisation of science, technology and innovation. Ma...

    Authors: André Baumgart, Eirini Ioanna Vlachopoulou, Jorge Del Rio Vera and Simonetta Di Pippo
    Citation: Sustainable Earth 2021 4:6
  16. Eucalypt reforestation has been a common feature of many countries, especially in the developing countries, such as Ethiopia. Farmers in Ethiopia plant large numbers of eucalypts on small areas of land and manage...

    Authors: Belay Zerga, Bikila Warkineh, Demel Teketay and Muluneh Woldetsadik
    Citation: Sustainable Earth 2021 4:5
  17. From the worldwide youth-led climate strikes of 2018–2019 to the student-initiated austerity protests in Chile in 2019, it is undeniable that young people have been protagonists in pressuring for social change...

    Authors: Alicia Donnellan Barraclough, Melina Sakiyama, Lisen Schultz and Inger Elisabeth Måren
    Citation: Sustainable Earth 2021 4:2
  18. The world’s 2.5 billion poorest people - small farmers living at the far fringe of the developing world – and their billion or so slightly better off neighbors burn 10.5 billion metric tonnes (tonnes) of crop ...

    Authors: Michael Shafer
    Citation: Sustainable Earth 2020 3:18
  19. Cities are at the fore of sustainability challenges of the twenty-first century, and many, particularly in Asia and Africa, are predominantly youthful spaces. Understanding young people’s experiences in urban ...

    Authors: Sylvia Nissen, Kate Prendergast, Midori Aoyagi, Kate Burningham, Mohammad Mehedi Hasan, Bronwyn Hayward, Tim Jackson, Vimlendu Jha, Helio Mattar, Ingrid Schudel, Sue Venn and Aya Yoshida
    Citation: Sustainable Earth 2020 3:17
  20. This paper recounts the two-year journey of an eight-member public Massachusetts high school environmental club that set out to decrease their local community’s consumption of single-use plastics. In the acade...

    Authors: Eleanor Burke, Christopher Ciano Collins, Lucy Bergeron and Kara Lavender Law
    Citation: Sustainable Earth 2020 3:15
  21. As tends to be the case in large, developing countries, Mexico is a nation of notable meteorological, hydrographic and social contrasts throughout its territory, which impact the various population strata in d...

    Authors: Felipe I. Arreguin-Cortes, J. Raul Saavedra-Horita, J. Manuel Rodriguez-Varela, Velitchko G. Tzatchkov, Petronilo E. Cortez-Mejia, Oscar J. Llaguno-Guilberto and Arizabeth Sainos-Candelario
    Citation: Sustainable Earth 2020 3:9
  22. As a response to collective failure to move adequately towards sustainability, youth movements have grown. This article explores the experiences of one young climate activist, Elsie Luna. The article is the pr...

    Authors: Elsie Luna and Andrew Mearman
    Citation: Sustainable Earth 2020 3:4
  23. The urban ecology and especially youth of color living in urban spaces have received relatively little attention in environmental education. The purpose of this work was to assess what urban youth learn about ...

    Authors: Erin Gallay, Alisa Pykett, Morgan Smallwood and Constance Flanagan
    Citation: Sustainable Earth 2020 3:3
  24. Low-carbon technologies must be widely adopted at a large scale to address climate change and enhance access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy. The uptake of those technologies is often supported ...

    Authors: Stefan Bößner, Tim Suljada, Francis X. Johnson, Aina Bruno, Jorge Rodriguez Morales, Mengyin Hu, Padmasai Lakshmi Bhamidipati and James Haselip
    Citation: Sustainable Earth 2020 3:2
  25. This article presents the main findings from a meta-analysis of how climate change mitigation policy evaluations have been undertaken in the European Union (EU) and six of its Member States: Austria, Czech Rep...

    Authors: Noriko Fujiwara, Harro van Asselt, Stefan Böβner, Sebastian Voigt, Niki-Artemis Spyridaki, Alexandros Flamos, Emilie Alberola, Keith Williges, Andreas Türk and Michael ten Donkelaar
    Citation: Sustainable Earth 2019 2:9
  26. Growing population and affluence coupled with climate change puts pressure on the supply of food, water and energy. The three are interconnected, conceptualised in the food-energy-water nexus. In this article,...

    Authors: Thomas Parker and Maria Svantemark
    Citation: Sustainable Earth 2019 2:7

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